Sheila Wrapped Facedown And Tickled

Sheila now is wrapped in a black plastic, tied on the tickle table, Melissa & Gaby comes both to be the ticklers in a very sadistic way, Sheila is totally defenseless, she starts the session wearing a black female shoes that will be taked off daintily by Gaby, only that move makes very sensitive Sheila to laugh, then the hard tickles session starts, Sheila is desperate asking to stop, so Melissa comes to help, they will take off the white socks to explore Sheila’s barefoot, amazing result, later more of Sheila facedown wrapped and be tickled by Gaby and Melissa, Sheila’s soft and white soles are the target, the both ticklers with her beautiful fingernails are exploring Sheila’s soles!!!

Lenght: 14:00 minutes